Technoinfoware India Pvt. Ltd was founded with an objective to merge the agility of the software solutions with the reality of market Business Needs and Growth. The team of people with experience in technology and Business development came together to bridge this gap. The founder members are:

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Raja P.K., has extensive hands-on experience in the Consumer Sales & Marketing, Business Unit Operations and Business Process Re-engineering, combined with knowledge of IT. At Technoinfoware, he is responsible for formulation and implementation of the company Vision and strategy. He is also responsible for managing the company's profitability and overall growth. He also handles Technoinfoware Product Sales & Marketing and Channel building.

A Post Graduate from Banaras Hindu University, India and qualified in eBusiness Management along with exposure in Siebel CRM, he has about thirteen years experience in diversified verticals like chemicals, fertilizers, textiles and consumer goods in the field of Sales, Marketing and Strategy formulation. Prior to co-founding Technoinfoware in 2001, Raja spent more than ten years in the Sales and Marketing Division of Hindustan Lever Ltd., an Indian subsidiary of Unilever Corporation. His method of managing money in the market is still being used as a critical strategy to beat competition in a highly regulated industry like Fertilizers. He also spear-headed the Andhra Pradesh Unit of Aptech India. He was responsible for re-positioning Aptech's Offerings, effecting a re-launch of their Corporate Training Business. He was instrumental in deriving eBusiness strategies for Indian Farmer and Fertilizer Cooperative, IFFCO, which is the largest and one of the few known successful cooperative models in the world.


Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Sreevidya P., has extensive hands-on experience in Supply Chain Systems, Business Unit Startup and Operations, Data Center Operations, Business Process Re-engineering, Technology Sizing & Strategy, Software Product Design and Software Sales. At Technoinfoware, she is responsible for formulation and implementation of the company Vision and strategy. She is also responsible for the Technoinfoware Product strategy, design and market launch. She also handles Corporate Alliances and Partnerships.
A Graduate in Electronics Engineering from Banaras Hindu University, India, Sreevidya has extensive experience in various sectors of IT industry including Manufacturing, Banking, Financial, Health Care, Government Organizations and Application Service Providers for about twelve years. Prior to co-founding Technoinfoware in 2001, she worked for about five years in Tata Steel, in various roles, including being part of the Total Quality Management Group, reporting to the Managing Director on Corporate Turnkey Assignments. She has also provided consultancy services on mission critical IT Assignments to Premier Business Organizations like Chase Manhattan Bank, AT&T NCR, NDS Utica, Cooper Health Care, Montgomery County Govt Office, Fresno County Govt Office, Nextran, Mediamix Solutions in United States. She was responsible for conceiving and formulating the MIS Department Strategies of NovaSoft Information Technology, New Jersey that later went to be the backbone of the Company's Business Plans. As Vice President (Technology) in IMO Communication Pvt Ltd, India, the premier B2B Solutions Provider and the only successful Application Service Provider in India, she created the Technology Department of the organization and was responsible for the Corporate IT Strategies and Operations of the eBusiness ventures of the organization. She also conceived and designed the then first-of-its kind "Intelligent" EAI Tool in 1999, now called TIES.

Chief Technology Officer, Mahadevan, S.R. has extensive hands-on experience in Software Product Architecture, Software Product Design, Technology Sizing & Strategy, Product Launch Management and Product Life Cycle Management. At Technoinfoware, he is responsible for formulation and implementation of the corporate IT Vision and Strategy. He is also responsible for the Technoinfoware Product technology strategy, architecture and design. He focuses on building products with scalable architecture to support the company's international growth plans.
A Post Graduate in Management from XLRI, India and a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology - Pilani, India, Suresh has about fifteen years of hands-on experience in IT industry in the areas of Solution Architecture, Systems Design, Development and Solutions Deployment. Suresh has been with Technoinfoware since mid-2003 and has been successful in re-launching Technoinfoware suite of products with state -of - the art technology architecture. Previously, he has served as key member in critical IT projects of Premier Business Organizations like AT&T NCR, Liberty Mutual, AT&T Solutions, IBM, Hughes Software Solutions and Internal Revenue Services in United States. He spent about seven years in Tata Steel in the Automation Department where he was recognized for designing the most innovative tool for Computer Aided Designing for Construction Industry. Today he is known in the industry for delivering the "most optimal" solutions to his Customers in the areas of Satellite Communications, Communications Software, Billing Systems, Insurance, Travel Industry and Fraud Detection Systems. Suresh Mahadevan also single-handedly architected the then first-of-its kind "Intelligent" EAI Tool in 1999, now called TIES.